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    Importance of Proper Weight Gain During Pregnancy



    Carrying a new life inside you is a joyous blessing. But it also entails a lot of responsibility as you care for the baby in you for nine months. One very important aspect of pregnancy is ensuring the health of the mother and the baby. Since the fetus gets its nourishment directly from the mother, the mother s weight gain is one indicator of a healthy pregnancy.

    People in different countries have differing views on what should be considered as proper weight gain during pregnancy. Many consider a weight gain of around twenty to thirty pounds as healthy; some recommend calculating the proper weight gain depending on the weight of the mother before getting pregnant.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Why all the fuss about a woman s weight gain during pregnancy? Women are self-conscious about their weight gain during pregnancy because they worry about how to lose the excess weight after gaining weight. Some even feel depressed because they feel ugly due to the weight gain. While these are acceptable reasons for being weight-conscious during pregnancy, there are other more important dangers of too much (or too little) weight gain.

    Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can pose numerous health problems both to the mother and to the growing baby. Dangers include higher risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and increased tiredness or breathlessness. Pre-eclampsia may endanger the life of the baby and the mother. Other negative physical changes due to too much weight gain is varicose veins, swollen feet, and stretch marks.

    If the pregnant mother has excess weight gain, the baby can also become overweight and too big for natural delivery. This could increase the possibility of complications while giving birth and also increases the possibility of delivery via caesarian section.

    These risks are likely to continue even after giving birth so it is best to be healthy and avoid too much weight gain at the onset of pregnancy.

    Learn the importantance,benefits, and Tips about

    weight gain

    during pregnancy.For more details visit http://www.weightgain.org

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    Submitted by: Salim Omar, CPA

    Testimonials are one of my favorite low-cost but high-impact tools to grow my CPA practice. Getting testimonials from happy clients is an important thing to do and creates a powerful tool for marketing your accounting firm. They create believability, credibility, and a sense of security for your prospects. They help to break down the natural barriers and distrust that skeptical prospects may have towards you or your CPA practice at the onset. If you watch any infomercial, you will see that they are loaded with testimonials. That s because they work.

    Testimonials are a must have. If you don t have clients in your accounting practice, meaning you are just starting out, then get them from freebie clients who you ve helped.

    A really important thing about testimonials is that they can be used by potential clients as references if you set it up that way. All of my client testimonials are set up in one easy-to-read document and each testimonial has the person s name, their company name and the town they are located in. They have to look like and be real people for believability.

    There are 2 types of testimonials:

    the warm fuzzy ones

    the ones with specifics

    YouTube Preview Image

    Let me give you an example of each.


    The warm and fuzzy one:

    I opened my practice almost two years ago. In the process I knew I needed a good accountant on my side. I had interviewed two others before I met Salim at an ANJC meeting. We set up a meeting the following week at his office. After just a few minutes in his office, I already knew The Omar Group would be the right firm for us. Salim and his team have a lot of experience not only with small businesses, but also specifically with chiropractors. It has been a great experience for me so far. Anytime I have a question (and I have many questions), or concerns they are always there for me. The Omar Group has been filing all my business and personal taxes ever since I opened, and as I grow, they are still able to meet all my needs. Salim has been able to give us great business advise even on topics such as marketing, advertising, and referrals. I am grateful for all they have done for myself and my practice. I highly recommend their services to chiropractors in NJ.

    (Name of doctor)

    (Name of business), (Town and State)

    A specific one:

    Your Quarterly QuickBooks Health check services by your QuickBooks Doctors are excellent because its helps me keep my finances on track. The recent catch of a mistake my bank made put back $3,107 in my pocket. That alone paid off my fees to you. The financial and tax advice you ve provided to me as my CPA during the financial stewardship meetings have already proved to be beneficial in saving me money and time.

    (Name of owner)

    (Name of business), (Town and State)

    It s not bad to have a few warm fuzzies, but notice how much more convincing the specific one is. The second client s mention of a concrete achievement my firm made for them is more likely to convince prospects that they will receive a similar tangible benefit.

    So you want to be on the lookout for great opportunities to receive highly specific testimonials. When you receive a thank-you from the client (in whatever form), seize the opportunity to ask whether you can quote them in your testimonial list.

    You can and should also systematically ask satisfied clients for their feedback in writing, using questions that will elicit both how they feel about your practice in general and what specific positive encounters they ve had with your firm. (You can also ask for specific negative encounters if you want to use the opportunity to enhance your services, but if you do this, be sure to ask about negatives after you ask about positives.)

    Testimonials are one of my favorite low-cost but high impact CPA firm marketing tools. They are a must have because they break down the natural barrier and distrust that skeptical prospects may have towards you or your accounting practice at the onset.

    About the Author: Salim Omar, the

    CPA Marketing Genius,

    is a practicing CPA and founder of the Genius CPA Marketing System, the step-by-step system that shows you how to attract more clients to your CPA practice and increase your income without working more. To receive your

    FREE Audio CD

    titled 12 Marketing Secrets How To Attract Quality Clients , visit

    CPA Marketing GeniusSource: isnare.com

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    Exciting Water Sports In St Lucia Holidays


    Allan Michael Taylor

    Renowned for its stunning beauty of sparkling blue waters and golden beaches lined with palms, St Lucia is the best place for water-sports-lovers. The hotels and resorts are fully fitted with all the updated sports-equipments which are effortlessly rented out to the visitors.

    One cannot imagine the options and mixed of water sports chances, here in St Lucia. Ranging from sailing to wind-surfing to skiing to diving-the endless adventure in this eternal island leaves one desiring for more thrill, pleantry and speculation.

    Sailing in St Lucia

    Yachting; banana-boat; mini-sailing; parasailing; pedal and kayaking are the main sailing activities in the surroundings of the large hotels and vacation place in the various tourist centres such as Rodney Bay, Choc Bay and Marigot Bay.

    YouTube Preview Image

    The cruises in these crystal clear waters ensure the most delightful sight-seeing of the inborn Dolphins and whales. With the glittering Caribbean Sea on one side and the mysterious depths of Atlantic Ocean on the other, yachting here is a sailor’s most admired dream. Yachts and sail boats can be chartered from the Rodney Bay marina and Marigot Bay to direct in the West Indies through the clean beauy of the Grenadine Islands.

    Parasailing is a more audacious activity; being hooked on the back of a boat. One can’t get a better and a complete picture of St Lucia’s beautiful countryside.

    Wind surfing in St Lucia

    Placed ideally between Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, St Lucia boosts of never-ending trade winds, wind surfing and kite surfing. Beginners will enjoy the wind power and thrill and incitement of being driven by the wind, more in the peaceful waters of the Caribbean. For a more thrilling experience, CAS en Bax or Vieux Fort are ideal spots for wind and kite surfing. Trainers are available to help newcomers, to start with and experienced people, to better their talent.

    Skiing in St Lucia

    Jet skiing and water skiing are available at most of the hotels and resorts. Water skiing is a favourite with the beginners who wish to spend more time in the Caribbean Sea. Jet skiing is an exceptional adventure of flying across the waves with the water splashing up in your face.

    Diving in St Lucia

    Enjoying the marine life in all its brilliance and dazzle is not possible without having to dive in St Lucia’s under water paradise. The island is located at the tip of an underwater volcano which cares for a big variety of Corals, Sponges and Reefs. Great care has been taken to maintain the marine life which is an irreplaceable advantage of our Eco-system.

    Diving schools and centres give tuitions, trips, conductor and equipments for Scuba-diving or Snorkelling. The prestigious Soufriere Marine Management Area on the west coast is responsible for the conservation of St Lucia’s coastal environments.

    St Lucia is as rocky below as it is above, hence, embracing Nature’s bounty in its lap. Scuba diving provides an opportunity to come face to face with the sea life breathing in St Lucia’s womb. Angel fish, black beauties, golden spotted eels, seahorses, stingrays, nurse sharks, turtles and a variety of schooling fish are down there to welcome the mariner to their colourful and puzzle world.

    Edward Watkinson is a travel guide. Discover more about the Caribbean islands and book

    Caribbean holidays


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    Modifast Diet program


    Andrew Medison

    There are only a few terms to explain the Modifast Diet plan such as simple, quick, highly effective and enhanced. Here in this article research more information about the eating habits such as what products are required, what exactly is the eating habits, how you get fast results and also encounters of people who have followed the eating habits. Given below we also described the benefits of the eating habits.

    When it comes to health diet fitness programs these three elements are going to keep you on the road to healthy living with a good diet and a regular fitness program.

    Of course when it comes to health diet fitness if your diet is poor and your fitness program non existent then there is a really good chance that you are not very healthy. But not to worry in as little as a month you can see positive changes if you just make some changes to your diet and fitness. Remember a wise man once said \”if you don\’t change anything then nothing will change.\” You\’ll feel revitalized, energized, and much younger.

    YouTube Preview Image

    There are numerous diets on the internet and even popular sportsmen, which are very attractive but not so useful. Day in and day out try to practice the eating plan plan to engage in, without any result and we also consider that Modifast eating plan is a good, challenging and very effective to lose those excess weight. After some days of seeking the eating plan plan regular, your body will burn fat all by the consuming low number of calorie consumption each day. This Modifast eating plan includes 500 calorie consumption only.

    Whether you are 10 or 100 you get to have the final say over your wellness eating plan wellness applications. Nothing has to be difficult. There are many things you can to fix your daily eating plan and your level of wellness. Diet changes reducing your fat consumption, increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption, or just eating more fish can create a factor to your overall wellness. Fruit and veggies are a great way to start to improve your nutrition.

    Health eating plan wellness applications are developed to create sure that you get the maximum benefits all the way around. They are developed to help you loose those excess weight if you have any, keep you toned, and keep you heart healthy.

    Wellness eating plan health is a three part system. Wellness = Diet + Fitness. So when you helpful tips you also need to follow through and also create health a concern. You need to create a schedule that contains any adverse health schedule too. It doesn\’t have to be difficult. A informal 30 minute walk can do amazing things for you. It\’s great for well being and your psychological health. Speed it up and give your heart a good aerobic exercise workout.

    The health eating plan health system isn\’t a new idea. We\’ve all been exercising it for a while now but without linking a name or an idea. We know what we need to do to be balanced and live long balanced life. Sometimes it\’s just about finding plenty of a chance to create those changes or making a investment for that change.

    We fix a great value to both the positive and gloomy sides to avoid the eating plan plan. So we request you to fill out the form mention below, what is your encounter with the Modifast Diet and also it has had an inspiring impact or even a bad impact. We would like information enthusiastic, therefore the eating plan plan only can get improved. Most who have followed the eating plan plan in no time their lost pounds, optimistically you will encounter the same!

    Also read about


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    By Kristy Klien

    It is an undeniable fact that everything we take in affects our health. The food we eat, the vitamins and minerals we take all promote healthy functioning of our body systems. The more good stuff we take in the better.This also holds true for our hair.

    Prevent Hair From Falling This Winter

    Cold weather is particularly harsh on hair. It causes dryness, brittleness, frizziness, dandruff, split ends and excessive hair fall. We say excessive because you are naturally shedding hair every day, but the normal rate is about 100 strands a day. If you find yourself constantly picking up fallen hair on your clothes, chairs, cars and on the floor, you better have yourself checked because excessive hair fall could eventually lead to hair loss and may indicate an underlying problem that needs to be treated.

    Hair loss can be brought about by any of these factors: change in hormonal levels, aging, stress, poor diet and certain medications. Your body requires nourishment all the time, more when you’re stressed out to avoid stress related illnesses like fatigue, insomnia and hypertension. During the cold months, it is easier to see how the different systems of the body are affected by weather changes. Picture people with pallid complexion, having weak weak nails, suffering from poor vision, feeling lethargic, and of course, falling or thinning hair.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Save Your Hair With Supplements

    According to hair experts, 90 percent of human hair is growing while the remaining 10 percent is in a resting stage. The continuous growth cycle (yes it does not slow down during the winter months) demands a steady and regular supply of vitamins and minerals to sustain the development and growth of healthy and strong hair. If the hair follicles don’t receive the kind of nutrition they need, they will shrink and eventually die out. Unhealthy hair follicles will result to a thin head of hair, some bald patches or weak and damaged hair which falls off easily.

    If you feel that fresh fruits and vegetables will be hard to come by during the cold months, or maybe you’re anticipating the heavy drinking and cholesterol laden food from the holiday celebrations, better stock up on extra vitamins and minerals as well as herbal hair care supplements. Yes, there are tablets which contain all the necessary hair nutrition minerals you will need. You can buy them over the counter at any drug store or order them conveniently online. They are one hundred percent natural, safe to use and are affordable.

    Herbal hair supplements contain a generous supply of natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals. This healthy blend energizes our hair follicles, which results to faster growing, healthier, and stronger hair.

    A healthy diet is highly recommended to prevent hair loss during the cold months. Try to get enough calcium and take in as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Drink plenty of water too to hydrate your hair, and start taking herbal hair supplements. Your hair should be the star of the holiday season. Take care of your hair and do everything you can to keep it from falling out.

    About the Author: Kristy is a professional stylist and writer. Need help choosing a new hair iron? Make sure to check out the

    best hair iron

    . Read reviews on professional irons at




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    By Ann Marier

    Most quality telescopes require the use of an eyepiece as part of the magnification power of the telescope. If you have a telescope with a single eyepiece, you will want to investigate using one or two different ones for different purposes. The eyepiece telescope has this advantage of those that do not have a changeable eyepiece.

    The eyepiece plays a major role in the magnification power of an eyepiece telescope. In order to calculate what the magnification would be with a different eyepiece you would divide the focal length by the eyepiece focal length. Since the focal length of an eyepiece telescope will remain constant, by changing the eyepiece you can change the power.

    Not everyone changes an eyepiece to increase the magnification, especially if wanting to view areas that are closer or they want a wider field of view. One reason to reduce the magnification may be to create a finder lens for your telescope to be able to find an object. With a strong eyepiece telescope, finding the moon through the normal magnification could be like trying to find it while looking through a straw.

    Effective Fields Of View Also Changes

    YouTube Preview Image

    The true field of view, that is what you can see as an undistorted image can also be adjusted by changing the eyepiece on an eyepiece telescope. The field stop on an eyepiece is the rotating ring that limits the field size. To find the true field of view, divide the field stop diameter by the telescopes focal length and then multiply by 57.3.

    In order to obtain lower power viewing of large objects your eyepiece should deliver the widest possible field of view. A one and a quarter inch eyepiece would have a field stop of 27mm maximum. The maximum field stop on a two-inch eyepiece is about 46 mm.

    A general rule of thumb with an eyepiece telescope is that choosing an eyepiece with shorter focal lengths and larger apparent field of view, bringing brighter, clearer images of objects including fainter stars.

    Two things to consider when looking at news eyepieces could be a Barlow lens, which simply is a magnifier, which adds magnification power to the eyepiece telescope, and what is called eye relief.

    Eye relief is the space between the lens and your eye and should have enough room for you to be able to wear your glasses, if needed, as well as to keep your eyelashes from brushing against the lens.

    About the Author: Ann Marier has written many articles on

    health questions

    providing helpful tips and advice. Read all about her latest articles on telescopes and how to use a

    child telescope

    to generate their interest in the universe



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    Fanciful Fantasies



    Hotels near Raymond James Stadium

    Experience your dreams coming true when you encounter the majestic property of Holiday Inn Express Hotel which is a beautiful destination to give a new turn to your life showering all love and care. Located in Tampa, Florida, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel is near Raymond James Stadium which is a multi purpose football stadium in Tampa and exhibits a 43-ton steel and concrete replica pirate ship which fires soft rubber balls. Your delight will find place in the amenities provided by Holiday Inn Express Hotel near Raymond James Stadium which include outdoor pool, business center, meeting/ banquet space, high speed internet access, guest laundry, public space data services, fitness center, A/C at public areas, ice machine and free food for kids. The rooms at this inviting hotel near Raymond James Stadium are beautifully designed with original works of art and provide all luxuries including stylish modern furniture, satellite TV, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, iron/ ironing board and all bathroom accessories including hair dryer and clean and hygienic bathtub. The major attractions near Holiday Inn Express Hotel are Raymond James Stadium, The Grove, Saddle Brook Resort, Florida State Fairground and Lexington Oaks Golf Course.

    Hotels near Celebration Station

    YouTube Preview Image

    Find yourself amidst all fun filled encounters accompanied with comfort and relaxation only at unique Ramada Inn and Suites Hotel. This newly thoughtfully built and spacious property is a best way to seek peace, fun and serenity with its nearness to the nature and to all local attractions.

    This hotel in Clearwater, Tampa is near Celebration Station which is a best place for any kind of events, celebrations and parties for all ages and groups. The life seems happening and delightful while at Ramada Inn and Suites Hotel near Celebration Station when surrounded with all amenities including free continental breakfast, free newspaper, free high speed internet access, outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, guest laundry, free outdoor parking, conference/ meeting room, 24 hour front desk, handicap rooms and a remarkable hospitality service. The rooms are ever inviting and up with a feel of contentment at Ramada Inn and Suites while providing comforts refrigerator, microwave, cable TV, hairdryer, voicemail, free internet access, coffee maker and alarm clock.

    The Ramada Inn and Suites has an advantage of being close to the most talked attraction of the world: Celebration Station, Pinellas Bike Trail, Clearwater Beach, Long Center and Ice Palace.

    Hotels near Orlando Airport Florida

    All the comforts, delights and hospitality, all of a higher quality, await your arrival at the perfect home, Days Inn Hotel, Orlando. This grand hotel is located near Orlando Airport Florida which is a major international airport and the second busiest airport in Florida. The mesmerizing beauty and a fresh ambiance at this grand hotel help you rejuvenating wonderfully while you spend beautiful time amidst all your favorite locations. Feel at home at the spacious accommodation-Days Inn Hotel near Orlando Airport Florida and find all amenities serving you including safety and security facilities, free scheduled shuttle to major theme parks, free outdoor parking, free newspaper, fitness center, copy and fax service, outdoor pool, game room, public transportation, elevator and laundry facilities. Find the vivid rooms at Days Inn Hotel near Orlando Airport Florida very homely and equipped with all facilities including free local calls, long distance access, clock radio, hairdryer, satellite TV, high speed wireless internet access, microwave, refrigerator, work desk, iron/ ironing board, rollaway for a fee and free cribs.

    The captivating area attractions near Days Inn Hotel include Orlando Airport Florida, Disney World, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Downtown and International Drive.

    Securereservation.net is a great place to book your hotels hotels near celebration station and hotels near Orlando Airport Florida

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    How To Maintain A Healthy Feet


    Adam gillbert

    Why is foot care so important? The foot contains 33 joints, 26 bones and 100 or more tendons, ligaments and muscles. The feet should be able to withstand the pressure of your body weight. It provides support, mobility and balance as well as shock absorption. Sometimes the long period of wear and tear can cause some problems. In order to make your feet maintain its top conditions; you should have a daily routine for your foot. There are also beauty products online that can help you in taking care of your feet.

    If you do not have regular foot care then some problems may occur. These issues might cause tremendous pains and might slow you down. Some of the problems that might occur are heel spurs, ulcers, ingrown toenails, bunions, warts, dry skin, fungal infections, corns and calluses. Other foot problems that can be difficult to treat are metatarsalgia, Morton\’s neuroma, claw toes, hammertoes, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and a lot more. If you are experiencing some pain in your feet then the first thing that you must do is to visit your doctor. You can also research for beauty care products that can help in alleviating the pain.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Most people usually have daily routines and beauty care products for their skin but most often routine for taking care of the feet is usually neglected. This routine is very important most especially for those people who are having some illnesses such as neurological disorders and diabetes. There are great tips in maintaining your feet such as washing your feet with warm water which is not too hot and using mild soap. Soaking your feet in hot water can make you feel good and it should be done for at least 10 minutes only so that you can prevent dry skin.

    After washing your feet, do not rub the towel but carefully pat it on your feet. Make sure that you dry the areas between the toes. Check your feet regularly for ingrown toenails, blisters, cuts and other potential foot issues. If you are having difficulty in seeing the sole of your feet then you can ask other people to check it for you or you can also use a mirror. After cleaning your cuts or scratches, be sure to apply a dry dressing on the area. Always trim your toenails in a straight manner and it should not be too short.

    Use a pumice stone in minimizing your calluses. If you are having rough soles or heels then you can use a non-perfumed moisturizing lotion and apply it into these areas. Wipe off the lotion that was not absorbed by your skin. Wearing clean socks everyday is very important in taking care of your feet. You must avoid socks which are too tight around the ankles or the legs. When you are sitting down, you must elevate your feet so that the blood can flow to them. While you are sitting, you should not cross your legs for a long period of time. Look for beauty products online which you can use for your foot care routine.

    The author suggests that

    foot care

    should be practiced by everyone. It will not only make you feel good but it can also avoid infections.

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    Sunday, November 15, 2009 

    Further promotional and release plans have been announced by The Walt Disney Company’s new special, “Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation,” from the company’s cartoon comedy Phineas and Ferb. According to the company’s press release site (Disney XD Medianet), on November 27, Disney will stream the seven musical numbers, performed by the show’s cast and the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, that will be showcased in the special on its public radio network Radio Disney. iTunes will then follow by making the songs available for download.

    The official special is scheduled to air the following week, on December 6, on the company’s cable network Disney XD with a repeat immediately following it. The proceeding day, Disney Channel SVOD, Disney XD VOD, Disney XD Mobile, iTunes, and Xbox Live Marketplace will release the episode for digital retail. On December 11, fellow Disney network Disney Channel will broadcast the special following a six-hour marathon of the series; the next day, Disney Channel and Disney XD’s websites will release the special for viewing. On December 18, ABC Family will air the episode as part of its month-long event “25 Days of Christmas.” Finally, to help the special’s promotion, costumers dressed as the show’s characters will perform on December 25, 2009, in the “Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” which will be broadcast on the ABC Television Network.

    Disney also confirmed that actors Clancy Brown, Malcolm McDowell, Jane Carr, Mathew Horne, and Bruce MacKinnon will each guest star in the special.

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  • 20Aug

    Thursday, January 3, 2008 

    The British Foreign Office is advising Britons against all but essential travel to Kenya because of the violence following the disputed presidential elections. The warning and the violence are heavily affecting Kenya’s tourism industry, which relies heavily on European tourists escaping the winter cold.

    The travel warning recommends that those already in Kenya stay indoors and exercise extreme caution and seek advice locally either from their tour operator or the local authorities if they want to travel. The Foreign Office also warns against attending political gatherings and large public meetings.

    This decision comes at the same time as widespread violence in the country and calls for an investigation into the vote results, after suspicion over vote rigging by the government.

    Tour operators in the United Kingdom have suspended holiday packages to Kenya until the situation there improves. Two holiday companies are thought to be flying out empty planes to the country, to bring back British residents from the country.

    The Association of British Travel Associations, an umbrella body for travel agents says about four hundred tourists who had been scheduled to fly to Kenya have postponed their trips. Sean Tipton is a spokesperson for the association.

    “Clearly holidays can’t count as essential travel, because of that British tour operators have two flights one going out on Friday and another one on Saturday both those flights will still be going, but they will be flying out empty,” he said. “They won’t be taking any more customers out to Kenya. The reason they are being sent is they were due to return people to the UK. There is another charter flight which should go out on Monday at the moment that’s still scheduled to go because the advice to Kenya is changing very rapidly, but if the Foreign Office is still advising against all but essential travel, that flight will also be cancelled.”

    Another umbrella body, the Federation of Tour Operators also announced the suspension of holiday trips to Kenya with departures due up to Saturday January 5th.

    In a statement it said the situation is being reviewed daily and any changes to departures planned after 5 January will be made over the coming days.

    Media reports say there are about 6,000 British citizens currently travelling in Kenya.

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